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Our Purpose and Mission

2015-08-07-missionThis past weekend,  Dr. Kathy Hearn facilitated the revealing of the new Namasté Purpose and Mission statements.  This was a powerful process where those "in the room" truly allowed Spirit to guide us to our unique, highest ideas. Click the read more to see a copy of what emerged.

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My Vision and Ministry

Occasionally I am asked what is my vision for Namasté. I have a vision for my life and my ministry, and by the role and function I have as Senior Minister at Namasté, those visions naturally manifest and include the Namasté community.  The following is an outline of my vision and other aspects of my ministry. At times I use the term “We” speaking to the vision of a community I lead and serve.



Who I Am

I am a man committed to: spiritual growth; being a loving presence; sharing my wisdom and experiences of God; and serving as I am guided by God. I am a loving, kind, and powerful; husband, father, and spiritual leader.

My Driving Force is

A Desire to help others recognize their own divinity and to experience the deep Grace and Love that I have felt in my own life.

My Ministry’s Core Values

Love – Unconditional Love is the Essence of Life. By practicing unconditional love we open ourselves to a greater experience of the divine.

Oneness – We recognize that everyone and everything is part of the One Life that we call God.

Truth – We recognize the truth of life is that the divine presence of God is always present, and that there is great power in living from this principle.

Community - We recognize that each person has a divine essence and is on their unique spiritual path. We support the perfect spiritual unfoldment of each other.

My Vision Statement

“Be the presence of love and grace, providing a guiding light; and supporting people on their spiritual journey to knowing their own divine self.  Anchored in the values of: Love, Oneness, Truth, and Community.”

My Commitment

In addition to the commitments listed under Who I Am, I am committed to building a ministry with a foundation of unconditional love and faith; which includes fiscal responsibility, openness, flexibility, inclusiveness, integrity, and a plan to serve the greater community.


The External Picture

I am a servant leader, for a Center for Spiritual Living which serves as the foundation for my ministry. The center offers multiple services, a heart-based pastoral care ministry, a creative and loving Youth and Family ministry, classes and workshops, and multiple center-based groups. In addition, we have a strong, active, and identifiable, community outreach program.

This ministry is a growing, thriving community that is serving the needs of the members, other congregants, and the greater local community. The ministry is grounded in the use of Visioning to guide the ministry.

The ministry is overseen by a diverse core council.  


Services: Initially a single Sunday morning celebratory service, which includes a positive, inspiring message, heart-opening music, plus prayer and meditation time. Over time, Sunday service grows to two or three morning services. Also, services include a Sunday evening Taizé service, plus Wednesday night services.

Pastoral Care:   The Pastoral Care ministry includes a 24-hour prayer request line, a prayer box (with a Practitioner in service at the above mentioned services) where folks may leave a written request, home and hospital visits as needed including the coordination of “meals on wheels”, a Grief and Recovery Group, and other groups to support the expressed needs of the community.

Youth and Family: The Youth and Family ministry serves children of all ages. At each Sunday morning service the youth program is offered. The foundation of this program is to create an environment of unconditional love, where the children learn the principles of The Science of Mind through interactive discussion and activities, and from the examples set by their teachers and care givers.

Additionally, the needs, wants, and intentions of the youth and family ministry are included in each and every aspect of the community’s mission, purpose, and planning.

Classes and Workshops: The classes and workshops offered include curriculum available from CSL, both certificated and non-certificated. CSL classes are taught/facilitated by Ministers and Practitioners. There is a clear path to becoming a Practitioner, and an environment that supports Practitioners in exploring the possibility of going onto Ministerial education within CSL.   Other classes and workshops are also available, some by staff or guest presenters and others from individuals or groups who rent the space. In addition to individuals associated with the center, the classes and workshops attract people from the greater community.

Center-based Groups: A variety of center based groups are available for people to connect with others who share a common interest. The group’s individual vision and mission are aligned with the core values of the ministry.

Community Outreach: Community outreach is a vital part of the ministry, both in serving the greater local community and acting as a tool to inform the public that the center exists and who and what we are. This includes participating in inter-faith groups, and providing aid in the form of money, time, and materials to various non-profit and community based programs.

Strong team of volunteers and employees:  Any ministry I am involved in is not a one-man show. An organization is successful to the degree they have competent, motivated, and happy people involved, and in a church environment, they must also be spiritually fed; this includes both paid staff and volunteers.

Ecclesiastical Team: The ministers and practitioners (the ecclesiastical team) model the core values of the ministry, include the center in their daily prayer work, live with a consciousness of wholeness, and serve the community from this place of high consciousness. In addition, they allow their own unique gifts to be expressed through their life, including how they serve the community.

Financially stable organization: Churches are non-profit, but that does not mean they should strive to be not profitable. Fiscal responsibility is key, as well as having a creative, open, and abundance consciousness within the community, to attract income that meets and exceeds all the requirements of the ministry.


Seeing the future

The context of this ministry is “Unlimited Love”. The purpose is: “To support an ever expanding community of men, women, and children; who change the world because they are full of Love and Awake to their own Divinity”.

The results of this ministry include:

People feel loved, happy, and satisfied

People feel connected to others and to God

People embody the I AM that they are

People Awaken to their own Divinity

People share their light and love with the world

And So It Is!

Do Nothing (but give) Fundraiser


It is simple to participate in our summer FUNdraiser.  You don't have to do anything (but give).  To make an online donation click here.  Click the ReadMore for an update and a note from Rev. James.


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Namasté Purpose and Mission Statements



Mission Statements:

 * To Be a Safe and Welcoming Community

 * To Support People in Realizing their Connection with Spirit, Revealing their Divine Nature

 * To Collaborate and Be of Service

 * To Inspire People to know that Thoughts are Creative;and Changing their Thoughts, Changes their Lives

 * To Empower Families and Connect Generations


It's A Yes!

As many of you know, Rev. Kimberly was a candidate for the Spiritual Director (Minister) position at the CSL, Rogue Valley, in Medford, Oregon.  On Sunday, Rev. Kimberly announced she has accepted the position!  While we will all miss her and the Grace, Love, and High Consciousness she brought to Namasté, I know there is also great joy as we celebrate Rev. Kimberly's next grand adventure.  ~ Rev. James

Following is a message from Rev. Kimberly:

" I am so deeply grateful to Rev. James, the practitioner core, and my beloved Namasté community for loving, supporting, and growing me as I stepped into ministry!  I will miss you all, but know that I carry you all in my heart as I leave for my new community in southern Oregon. I absolutely know that Namasté is beautifully blessed and prosperous as you move into your new church home and continue to bless and transform lives.

I give thanks for Rev. Dr. Kristin and those of you who helped found this amazing spiritual community.  And I bless each and every one of you for continuing to grow yourselves and each other in the spirit of unconditional love that is the hallmark of Namasté.

The Divine in me does indeed honor the Divine in you!

With unending love and appreciation,

Rev. Kimberly


Rap with the Rev


Join Rev James on This Sunday February 12th following service. This is a chance to sit and casually talk with the Rev, ask him questions, learn about Science of Mind and your Namasté community.  Bring your lunch and we'll see you at 12:15 in the fellowship room.