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New Associate Minister!

altIt’s my great joy to announce that this Saturday we will be celebrating our own Rev. James Peak not only on the occasion of his Ordination, but also as our community’s new Associate Minister! ~ Dr. Kristin

Rev. James has brought his amazing heart and unconditional love, his fabulous prosperity consciousness and business skills, and an absolute dedication to ministry and to our community. 

Over the past three years he has served not only as an assistant minister, but recently as our executive director as well.   I am personally very, very excited to welcome him in this new partnership in ministry as we grow into our next Divine evolution!  

Happy Birthday, Namaste!  (we turn 15 this summer, and what a gift!)

Love, Dr. Kristin

 P.S.   If you missed any of the discussions over the past few weeks, please take a look at other articles  about minister roles, community input on this process, and Q&A's  by clicking here

P.S.S. Although dinner seating is full - there is room for you at the Ordination Ceremony.  Email Michelle Peak at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.