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10 Ideas for Life

Rev. James returned from a five-day silent retreat with 10 ideas about living life (not commandments!).  He shared them in his talk on Sunday Dec 7th.  Click the read more to see the list.  It is also posted as a PDF file under the "Files for You" link on the Namasté website, you can access it here


10 Ideas for Life



  •  - It is the healing energy of life
  •  - Often we hold onto being right – rather than let Love flow

#2 - TRUST GOD’S IN (inside everything)

  •  - God is the Manifest Universe
  •  - Eternally present in, through, and as all

#3 - HONOR THE SACRED (rituals)

  •  - Rituals point to the meaning and sacredness of life
  •  - All life is sacred


  •  - Be real about what it taking place in your life
  •  - What is real for you?


  •  - Books/classes/workshops open the door to truth
  •  - But the answer is ultimately found within (the Seeker is the Ego)


  •  - All forms of Life are God expressing
  •  - We don’t get mad at a flower for being a flower – let people be who they are

#7 - LAUGH

  •  - Sacred does not mean Serious
  •  - Laughing at our challenges or the paradoxes in life keeps things in perspective

#8 - STOP THINKING (start being)

  •  - Thinking – is doing. While the mind is a great tool, it is not creative
  •  - Egoic thinking is a barrier to Truth/God


  •  - Adyashanti said we “hide behind time”
  •  - Now is the time to step into the changes that are calling you

#10 - IT’S OKAY TO BE YOU (know thyself)

  •  - You might as well be you – everyone else is taken
  •  - Others might not “get you” but God “gets you”

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