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Financial Q&A

altAs part of the continuing series "Did you Know'  ~ here are the answers to the most common questions regarding Namasté's finances

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New Associate Minister!

altIt’s my great joy to announce that this Saturday we will be celebrating our own Rev. James Peak not only on the occasion of his Ordination, but also as our community’s new Associate Minister! ~ Dr. Kristin

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What's Up with the Website/Newsletter?

2014-08-24-WebSiteSnapshotDid you have trouble accessing the Namasté website or happen to get a "surprising" Newsletter on Monday?  We were upgrading our website to a great new version of Joomla (the software that "runs" our website) and had a couple hiccups, but things have settled down.  This new version will allow us to more dynamically support and serve the needs of Namasté (more goodies to come . . . )  Thanks to Gary Takesian and Dr. Kristin (her last geek task) for all their efforts!

Minister Roles

altDid you know that ministers come in lots of varieties?   Really now ….

There are many titles that our ministers have, and as Namaste has several, we thought it might be nice to clarify some of the titles we use!

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Associate Minister Q&A

altThe Board of Trustees believes it is right to have Rev. James become an Associate Minister at Namaste, to serve our community alongside Dr. Kristin, our Senior Minister.  Dr. Kristin shared this information last Sunday, and this article may answer some of the questions you have about the Board's thoughts.

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Your Own Hero's Journey Story

Last Sunday Rev James finished up the Hero's Journey series, as we looked at the Dark Night of the Soul, Emerging from the Dark Night, and the Return Home.  He also gave us the "homework" of writing our own story about a time in our lives when we went through a Hero's Journey.  If you If you missed last Sunday, you can listen to the talk here.  You can download a PDF file with instructions and a template for writing your story here.

Open Position


The first week of March, Vivian Lacy, our "Administrator Extraordinaire', is following her dream and moving to southern Oregon.  Vivian will be missed.  And, we are actively pursing the perfect candidate to hire into the position of Operations Assistant.  Click the READ-MORE to see a copy of the Job Description. If you are interested in applying, or know someone who might be, please contact Rev James or Chris Schreiber (Board Treasurer).

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