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What's that Real Love stuff?

In this article from Rev. James, he gives an overview of the Real Love teaching and how it fits with our Science of Mind and Spirit tradition.

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What's that "Truth of Who you Are" stuff?

In this article from Rev. James, he explains what is meant when we say "Practitioners Know the Truth of Who You Are"

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Conscious Giving Letter

This Sunday is our annual pledge ritual and community luncheon.  Click the "read more" to see a copy of the Namasté Conscious Giving Letter and Pledge Card.

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From Dr. Kristin

Dear Namasté Family,


My heart is so very full today.  The celebration for me Sunday was so rich in heart and love that I think perhaps I'll have to expand both within me to hold all that you and our community gave to me!


I believe that the spirit with which we experience endings in life seeds our new beginnings.  There were magnificent seeds planted Sunday, for me and what ministry will look like next, and for Namasté and it's next chapter.

You are indeed Precious to me, and absolutely Awesome, and I so cherish my years of having the honor to be Namaste’s Spiritual Leader.

Many of you have asked how you might keep in touch and hear what I end up doing next!  I’ve created a new webpage,,  and a place to sign up for a newsletter if you would like for that purpose.   Please note also the new email address .. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In deep gratitude,


What's that NVC stuff?

altIn this article from Mary Mackenzie, M.A. she gives the background and an overview of Non-Violent Communication, and how it fits with our Science of Mind and Spirit teaching.

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The Stories We Tell

As part of our monthly theme of Awakening through Story, enjoy this thought provoking and inspiring article from Practitioner Gary Takesian.  The Stories We Tell ~ Consciously applying the Law of Attraction 

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Anniversary Memories!


The 15th Anniversary Celebration on July 27th was fabulous. Listen to comments from the day, and see the videos shown!  

More pictures from last week are on our facebook page, as well!