The nature of power is omnipotent; and the only way we can bring spiritual power into our life is to look at any phase of material power-discord, inharmony, lack or disease—and realize, “You are not power! Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above!”​

Awakening Mystical Consciousness, Joel Goldsmith​

Approximately 98 percent of our life is the day-to-day experience of life’s regular tasks and routines.  What is my perspective of those activities in my life?  How do I label them as I walk through them each day? How can I bring more joy and peace in my life daily?​

Practicing the Presence is the practice of the principles of Oneness, Love, and Creation becoming aware of and experiencing the One Infinite Reality.  The invitation is always present to engage in a formal, disciplined spiritual practice using methodologies that quiet the mind/body and open awareness.  It is a way I can experience more harmony with these qualities that are already within and as me. To practice living in the present moment means living congruently in thought, word, and behavior.  Each weekday, join us in spiritual practice and bring your life into the present moment.​​​

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