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Exploring Traditional Hawaiian Healing and Spirituality

You’re invited to join us as master teacher Erika ‘Kealupua’ Faith shares how sacred Hawaiian Spirituality and Healing Practices can benefit you as you dance, listen and sing your soul into balance. With sacred Hawaiian prayers, chants, songs, and stories, Erika brings the ancient principles and knowledge of the island’s guidance to you. You will understand the deeper values and healing that arise out of Aloha, ho’oponopono, lomilomi, la’au lapa’au, hula, and Huna (shamanism). Through wayshowing and lightbearing, Kealapua brings a download of spiritual knowledge.

Relationship is at the Root of a Healthy Life. To Self, to Body, to Ancestors, to Heart, to Partner, to Mind, to Spirit. Each aspect of us inter-functions. What is out of balance affects All and must be brought back to Oneness. This can be witnessed in Every symbiosis; we are always collaborating, co-existing, and cooperating. It is from here that we listen to the Wisdom of those who Knew and Lived this Way. “May we understand and remember our Roots, utilize that knowledge to perpetuate a thriving Life for All, and Heal the People in their body, mind, and spirit. From here, all Beings rejoice. Hamama (Amen).”

Welcome to a very special evening in our DIGGING DEEPER First Wednesdays Series, hosted by NamastéCSL’s Rev. Veronica Silva. (Zoom link provided upon registration; Love Offering/Donation requested)


BIO: My name is Erika and since 1997, I have been immersed in the healing traditions of Reiki, Yoga, and Hawaiian Spirituality. In 2012 I was given the Hawaiian spiritual name Kealapua, meaning ‘pathfinder’ or ‘wayshower’, by Aunty Mahealani Henry in Hilo, HI. This began a deeper journey into studying healing arts, including Hula and Lomilomi. I have learned to trust that miracles await around every corner. Each step I take provides opportunity to awaken. My world is a fairy forest of playful, unique, and grounding practices from my 25+ years of experience as a trainer of Yoga Teachers, combined with a multitude of various plant and art therapies, as well as Hula. I have become an Alaka’i — to uplift and mentor the Spirit within each student. I teach techniques that bring lasting changes to health, relationship, and perspective.

“The Earth is my Body, the Wind is my Breath, the Water is my Blood, and the Sun is my Soul. Devotion to these elements has provided affirmation of This Magical Life. I dedicate myself to the Way of Beauty in service to All.”

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September 1
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