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Advanced Consciousness Studies


Advanced Consciousness Studies (formerly Practitioner I and Practitioner II training) comprise two classes designed to lead students to a deeper understanding of spiritual principles and the ability to apply them in their daily lives.  Year two focuses on training students to be spiritual counselors. These classes are the final course requirements for students who want to pursue licensing as Centers for Spiritual Living Practitioners.

Advanced Consciousness Studies I - "Living the Principles" 

This class is devoted to advancing spiritual awareness and expanding the student's understanding of his/her relation to the universe. The year's study is designed to be complete within itself, preparing the student to live more fully, whether or not she/he chooses to continue with Advanced Conscious Studies.

This 30 week class is divided into three terms of 10 weeks each:

  • Term 1 - "How Life Gets to Be the Way It Is," based on a study of the Law of Cause and Effect.
  • Term 2 - "Living the Life of Choice," based on a study of the Creative Process in the individual
  • Term 3 - "Living Life Fully,"a study devoted entirely to the expansion of consciousness.

Rev. James Peak and Namasté Practitioners will facilitate this class. Tuition for the 30 weeks is $645.

For more information, please contact the church office at (562) 980-7610.



Advanced Consciousness Studies II - Practitioner Training- Fall 2016

Year II is for those students who have successfully completed Advanced Consciousness Studies I.   Year II focuses on building the skills and consciousness needed to be a licensed Professional Practitioner of Religious Science. Included in the course of study is class time, some weekend counseling workshops, and in-service requirements throughout the year.


Rev. James Peak and Namasté Practitioners will facilitate this class. Tuition for Prac II is $645.00. There will be other costs associated with licensing requirements as well.

For more information call the church office at (562) 980-7610, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




There are 7 classes required as prerequisites for Advanced Consciousness Studies taken at Namaste CSL.  These include 6 "Core" classes, listed below, and 1 "Spiritual Enrichment" class of your choosing.  All of the Core classes must have been taken within the previous 5 years of starting ACS. Namaste considers the following Core courses that fulfill the requirements established by Centers for Spiritual Living.

3 Core Classes after Foundational Class/Beyond Limits:

  • Essential Ernest
  • Edinburgh Lectures or The Creative Process in the Individual (both with an emphasis on Troward)
  • Roots (with an emphasis on Emerson and Hopkins)

Also One Spiritual Practices Class:

  • Power of Your Word (includes Spiritual Practices)- offered every year

One Practical Applications Class:


  • 5 Gifts for an Abundant Life-  offered every year

Note: Students interested in Advanced Consciousness Studies are asked to contact Rev. James to talk about other studies and experiences that may be of value in preparing for this course.


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