It's Church...

But Different

Youth and Family


At Namasté, our Youth and Family Ministry creates an environment of unconditional love where everyone is loved and respected as the spiritual being they are.  We model and teach Science of Mind principles through discussion, spiritual lessons, plus experiential and creative projects.

Simple Prayer... for Families

This is a good one to try at home, with your kids!  Make a prayer together, using these simple parts:

1) What are some powerful words that describe Spirit/God?

   [find ones that match what you want, like Love for more friends, Divine Peace for more quiet, Abundant Joy for more fun]

2) Where does it dwell   [ in me, as me, in my activities ]

3) What might manifest or show up from this Spirit we have described in number one and number two?  


Here is an example one of our kids came up with:

Divine Love,

Living in me and everywhere,

Brings me Friends and Happiness every day.