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Namasté Center for Spiritual Living has always been a place where we practice seeing the Face of God in everyone and everything. Each year, we invite members and congregants that benefit from the richness of this community to set an intention for giving so that we can continue to bring a spiritual home to those seeking healing, love, acceptance, and connection while on this life journey.


A pledge is an estimate of giving; some call it a statement of intent. Your pledge may be what you currently give or maybe an adjusted amount. Your pledge amount may be changed, increased, or decreased during the year, at any time as your financial circumstances change.


When the City of Long Beach moved to shelter-in-place and spiritual communities shut down live services and gatherings, we moved to online programs within 24 hours. While being remote, Namasté offered:

  • Weekly service with message and music
  • Weekly connection points and opportunities for spiritual study
  • Provided educational classroom opportunities
  • Upgraded our streaming technology including better cameras and supporting video/audio equipment
  • Commenced Practitioner training class
  • Reengaged Wednesday Nights
  • Created the new Namasté Choir
  • Identified a location and relocated our office and meeting space during COVID through a community committee
  • Conducted asset sales for surplus equipment, materials, and furniture
  • Upgraded our church management system and provided an online portal for members
  • Designed and implemented a new website and newsletter with an event management system

Over the past three years, Namasté has been successful in reducing its debt service, paying off congregant loans, and reducing its facility budget through shared space with the Christ Lutheran Church in Long Beach.  Financially, Namasté has accomplished much in moving to a more healthy and nimble financial position.

Your pledge provides a pathway for Namasté to plan its year of programming and support of its members and congregants.  Our Board of Trustees is committed to functioning in a responsible, expansive, and intentional future, maintain systems and fairly compensate staff.  As we move through the year virtually and looking forward to meeting face-to-face, we must be able to plan through budgeting and sound fiscal management.  With that, identifying your giving for this year allows us to support our collective effort of investment in our community.


Our initiatives for this year include:

  • Fund a salary strategy including an annual timeline to adequately compensate Sr. Minister
  • Review and adjust stipends to match the efforts of new staff ministers
  • Increase administrative budget for supplies and technical equipment to reimburse board-donated items
  • Fund a skilled, experienced streaming staff member for Sundays

This year to support our budget, our 2021 pledge program target is $135,000.  Our tithes in 2020 were $149,000. With the advent of COVID, tithes decreased to $120,000 (end of 2020 into 2021) with additional income at just under $10,000.

We are grateful for all the giving during this unique time.  The blessing of giving is in our consistency as what we believe is the law returns based upon our consistent practice.  We invite you to step into being a regular, committed giver and explore the power of tithing.  If you already give consistently, set your intention as your pledge.  As board members of this amazing community, we have looked at our own practice and made our 2021 pledge commitment.

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