Namasté prides itself on the connection to and within its community members; those who have been here from the beginning and those just stepping in the door and, perhaps, finding a place called home. If you want to know what is happening, browse our calendar, sign up for the newsletter (insert link)  and be part of a small group (Insert link).  We offer many opportunities to connect and be engaged.

The best place to get started in the community is through service on a team.  Being part of a service team is the most amazing way to see the face of God in everyone and everything.  When we practice that, we see the oneness and unity of life.  We expand our world and allow others in it in a bigger way.  We contribute to the power of making a difference in our community and contributing to a world that works for everyone.

To join a service team, just click on this link:

We have many options to serve and bring this amazing philosophy as a practice in your life:

  • Welcome Team
  • Technology Team
  • Outreach Team
  • Youth and Family Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Fundraising Team
  • Connection Team

Join a team and come to know what Namasté is all about.  Contact our office or see a board member! 562-506-3249