Spiritual Community is beneficial to one’s spiritual evolution in many ways.  It helps to be in a community that supports both individual and collective personal and spiritual development. Exploring our journey is so much easier and helpful in a like-minded community with trained practitioners to support individual growth, classes that teach impactful spiritual tools like meditation and prayer.  Four significant ways to enhance your experience here at Namasté include:

  • Service in a service group
  • Connection Events and Sunday Service (Virtual during the pandemic)
  • Spiritual Education
  • Spiritual Coaching

START HERE – Let’s Begin

At Namasté, we believe having a place to safely explore who we are and how we are is so much easier than doing it alone.  We weren’t meant to do life alone.  When it comes to finding out who we are and using helpful tools to support our journey, classes are the best way.  Find your people, find your way here at Namasté!

Where do I begin?  How do I step into a spiritual practice? What do I include?  At Namasté, we begin our journey in this philosophy called the Science of Mind with the “Foundations” Course, which provides a pathway for personal growth, spiritual development, and powerful transformation! In this course, we invite you to explore the ancient wisdom/new thought teachings and apply these metaphysical principles to your life. You will learn techniques and skills, spiritual practices, and an introduction to the basic principles that prepare you for the deeper dive available in the next set of courses. Foundations Class is a requirement in order to move to the next level.

Going Deeper – Expanding my Understanding

These courses are designed to enhance a life-long learning program in consciousness deepening, practical application, and spiritual theory.

These certificated courses invite students to explore a greater variety of spiritual growth experiences and move deeper into applying the principles in everyday life. We engage in the history and context of metaphysics; spiritual practices like meditation, prayer, and affirmative speaking;  and exploring deeply in community every part of the spiritual path and spiritual living. We explore spiritual texts like The Holy Bible and the Bhagavad Gita.

LEVEL THREE – The Mystical Journey of the Practitioner

These courses support the advanced practitioner and is an intensive 30-week program to go deep for the spiritually committed, maturing student, providing a spiritual boot camp for growth and transformation. Heal your life at every level! Create a bigger life and one from conscious choice! Develop a deeper mystical consciousness and awareness of Presence.  Year one is a journey for the self, while year two is about sharing in the growth of others as a coach or serving in the community in a deeply committed way.

Sample Workshops

  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Poetry Writing as Spiritual Practice
  • Lyric Writing as Spiritual Practice
  • Walking through Change

Sample of Classes

  • The Edinburgh Lectures
  • Creative Process In The Individual
  • Treatment And Meditation
  • Power Of Your Word
  • Building A Healing Consciousness
  • Meditation Is More Than You Think
  • Practical Mysticism
  • Self Mastery: The Emergence Of The True Self
  • Bible History & Scholarship
  • Essential Emma Curtis Hopkins
  • Emerson’s Essays
  • Financial Freedom
  • Bible Wisdom
  • It’s All God
  • What The Mystics Knew
  • 5 Gifts For An Abundant Life
  • Magic Of The Soul
  • Metaphorical Approach To The Bible
  • Metaphysical Bible
  • Mind/Body Connection
  • Myth & Spirit
  • Power Of Decision
  • Principles Of Successful Living
  • Shortcut To A Miracle
  • Spiritual Laws
  • Spiritual Economics
  • Spiritual Fitness
  • 7 Spiritual Laws Of Success
  • Treat Yourself To Life
  • This Thing Called You
  • Visioning