Sundays at 4:30 p.m. at 6500 Stearns Avenue, Long Beach

Dynamic Speakers

Sundays are weekly opportunities for our community to be inspired by music, message, activity, and fellowship.  We love to connect!  We are famous for hugging and wanting to get to know you.  Right now, even though we are virtual, you can still enjoy the loving warmth of our welcome team and the inspiring nature of our service.

Music is a big part of Namasté its history and its present.  Our music is deep, energetic, thought-provoking, and heart-opening.

Each Sunday, our senior minister Reverend Bobbi Becker creates an inspiring message combined with the artistry of our talented Music Director Kong.

We have enjoyed many great speakers at Namasté over the years.  On Sunday, the format changes and provides a variety of ways to connect and open to a greater sense of our universe, our place in it and how we can realize a bigger life.  Our message is relevant, transformative, spiritual, authentic, and practical.

Each Sunday is an opportunity to connect, sometimes attend a workshop and serve in the community.

Recent Guest Speakers

Rev. Carol Lotts

Angela Montano, RScP

Z and Melissa

Lara Oshon, Artist and Speaker

Rev. Laura Hallett

Stanley Bernard, RScP

Agape International

Eisha Mason, RScP

Agape International