We teach Science of Mind.  What is the Science of Mind, etc.?

Science of Mind is a compilation of the great thoughts and what is called, the golden thread of truth that crosses many faith traditions of the ages from Jesus, the Buddha, the Bhagavat Gita, Confucius, Sufism,. These deep mystical yearnings of minds were in search of God, or an experience of God, and an approach to a faith, which can be demonstrated. In its practice and teachings, this philosophy is open to include our whole life. We believe that we can live a way of life focused on joy, freedom from fear, peace, and abundance and see results. We can see old patterns, old ways of thinking, and replace them with an approach that comes from a wider vision and perspective and actually see our life unfolding as freedom, joy, abundance. Our philosophy is grounded in the practice of faith– a faith whereby fear and superstition are challenged and universal spiritual principles are presented in plain, simple, and direct ways so that we may each learn to live now, in the present, with the knowledge and trust that the Universe is for us and not against us.

Science of Mind is drawn from the revelations of both western and eastern religion, the exploration of classical and modern philosophy, the laws of science, and the practices of psychology as applied to human needs and the aspirations of humanity.

Ernest Holmes founded the International Religious Science movement, wrote “The Science of Mind” and numerous other books on metaphysics, and originated the international periodical Science of Mind magazine, which has been in continuous publication since 1927. Holmes’ Science of Mind teaching, recognized today as one of the leading viewpoints in modern metaphysics, is a spiritual philosophy that has brought to people around the world a working cosmology – a sense of their relationship to God and their place in the Universe – and a positive, supportive approach to daily living.  For more information on Ernest Holmes, the origins of Science of Mind, and its relation to other religions, prayer and healing visit https://www.csl.org/en/about-us/faqs

What We Believe

  • We believe in Oneness and Unity, that this thing we have come to call “God” is the Source of all life and creation. This Divine Reality is a Transcendent Mystery beyond our human understanding. It is also the Presence of Love within us and all beings. We do not believe that God is a personality or Deity removed from creation, but that creation is held within the One Infinite Reality.
  • We believe that all people are equal within this Presence, recognizing that Universal Love is unconditional and nonjudgmental.

  • We understand that creation comes into being by Universal Love moving through Universal Laws. These laws are similar to natural laws and can be discovered and used by each of us.
  • We believe that Science and Spirituality meet in the fulcrum of quantum physics and mysticism, neuroscience and spiritual psychology, astrophysics, and conscious awareness.

  • We believe in the Universal Law of Cause and Effect – that we experience the consequences of our thoughts, words, and actions, not as a reward or punishment, but as a natural result of our intentions and deeds.
  • We believe that our thoughts and beliefs actively impact and create our experience and that by changing our consciousness (mind/heart/body) we truly do change our lives.
  • We believe the power of affirmative prayer (spiritual mind treatment), not as a petition or supplication, but as an inner alignment with the Universal Power and Presence. Our Spiritual Mind Treatment (affirmative prayer) uses Universal Law to demonstrate the Truth that we have come to know and believe. We expect our lives to grow toward fuller expression and richer experience. We believe that prayer for ourselves, and others, manifest in physical and other types of healing.
  • We believe that every individual is an expression of the Universal Life and is already immortal. We believe that we live on after death, ever-growing, and expanding into greater awareness and understanding.
  • We seek to experience and express a Global Heart to balance the Global Brain of our technology and science. We envision and actively work toward a world that works for everyone, free of war, violence, and separation, where forgiveness and sharing of resources is the norm, and where there is a renewed appreciation of art, nature, and beauty.
  • We understand Jesus as a great example, as opposed to the great exception, knowing that his ministry was to teach that our nature, as humans, is Divine. We realize this Divinity as we accept that all of us are sons and daughters of God, the Living Spirit. We experience this Divinity as we embody that the “Kingdom of Heaven is within.”
  • We believe that there is no one true religion and that each spiritual path leads to Divine Reality and shares a golden thread of Truth. We believe that every faith adds something unique and important to the spiritual evolution of consciousness.