For many, Namasté has been a spiritual home, classroom, and sanctuary to safely find their own pathway to experience unity and oneness.

Ever wondered if there was a church-like place with great music, loving people easy to connect to, inspiring message that combines humor with life tools that make the difference.  At Namasté, we care about each other and practice seeing God in everyone.  Our community has been doing this for years.

The community of Namasté offers a place that is welcoming, transformative, and allows each of us to move at our own pace in our spiritual development.  We provide the greater experience of community through participation at Sunday Service,  in spiritual and connecting events, the smaller intimate setting of the classroom, and places to serve – all which invite us to experience the Face of God in ourselves and others.

At Namasté, we learn that what we do matters, and that when we don’t show up, we are missed.  We each have gifts to share and gifts to receive that support us on our journey to grow in our humanity and in turn, make this journey easier as we do this together with support, “someone that has our back,” and feel that we aren’t doing this alone.  Come check us out and see what the connection is all about.

You are spiritual, not religious.
You dig Buddha, Jesus, Oprah, and Lady Gaga.
The idea of God’s wrath…Really?
You honor all paths.
Your therapist said to find some place to go.
You’re done with dogma.
You’re ready to create a life you desire.
You believe Love is what it’s all about.
You’re Unique and Welcome.
Find your own reason…


A place where I am seen, accepted and challenged to grow and expand. Nicki Freeman, RScP

Namasté is a place I can sharpen my spiritual tools and move to the next level of my personal development. Chris Schreiber

Each offering reminds us who we are – loved, loving, and love.