Namasté began in 1999 in the living room of Reverend Kristin Hawkins with a group of people desiring a supportive and inclusive community; a community that supported the idea that we all mattered, are all creative beings who, through the practice of universal principals and community involvement, can make a difference in our individual and collective world.

Through the years, Namaste has been an important part of the growth of so many.

Its legacy is connection, love, and celebration.

From the start of its education program, opened the door to many, moving into ministry in pulpits across the country, at spiritual centers, and diverse places of spiritual leadership nationally.  It has been home to many musical artists, speakers, and healing arts ministries.

We have been a container for families growing up, individual lives opening to a greater experience of life through teaching classes, Sunday service of inspiring messages and music, community events within and outside the walls of its building, and the amazing leaders and teachers that have grown and lead other like-minded communities.

Namasté is a member community of the Centers for Spiritual Living. Our teaching centers around the work of Ernest Holmes and his seminal work, The Science of Mind. The Science of Mind philosophy teaches that our thoughts are creative and that through our thinking we can change the circumstances of our lives.