Sr. Minister and Spiritual Director

Reverend Bobbi Becker

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Staff Ministers

Reverend Veronica Silva

Rev. Veronica Silva has a passion for all that is God. She became a Science of Mind Practitioner in 2003 and a Licensed Minister in 2020. Her professional career has been as a Registered Nurse working in the hospital setting. She loves helping people heal their insides and outsides! Veronica and her wife Denise have two children, Gavin 12 and Gracie 9; as well as two adult children Daniel and Shannon. Together they love adventuring in the outdoors snow skiing, water skiing, boating, and hiking. Veronica’s motto: “When you can see God in everyone and everything, life becomes magical.”

Reverend Carol Lotts is a licensed and ordained Science of Mind minister that has been living metaphysical principles for more than 30 years.

Rev. Carol is passionate about our youngest religious scientists. She has been the director of multiple and thriving youth and family programs. She is the published author of “My Friend Ernest,” A children’s book of spiritual empowerment.

Rev. Carol’s full-time work is in pastoral care. She currently works at the Ventura County Medical Center, as a palliative care chaplain, and for Livingston Memorial as a hospice chaplain. Her work is to provide spiritual counseling and support to patients and families moving through traumatic injury, serious illness, and end of life.

It is with joy, that Rev. Carol shares her heart for ministry through teaching, facilitating workshops, inspirational guest speaking and singing.

Rev. Carol finds great meaning and purpose in all the ways she serves as a minister. Becoming a staff minister at Namasté fulfills what brought her into ministry so many years ago; the desire to belong and support an awesome church community.

Rev. Carol lives in Ojai with her beloved husband Matthew. She has three grown children and a beautiful granddaughter.

Namasté Licensed Practitioners

A Centers for Spiritual Living Licensed Spiritual Practitioner is a person of high spiritual consciousness and deep understanding of the spiritual nature of Life; a deep and personal relationship with the Divine is prominent.

The Licensed Spiritual Practitioner is trained in the study of the Science of Mind and in the art, science and skill of Spiritual Mind Treatment — also known as Affirmative Prayer. Licensed Spiritual Practitioners are dedicated to sacred service and the cause of helping others. They are licensed to practice professionally, are bound by a high code of ethics, and provide a safe and confidential space for clients.

Jeff Schlicht, RScP and Practitioner Leader

Jeff is a licensed practitioner since 2012 and has been a member of the Namasté Center for Spiritual Living since 2003.  Jeff now resides in Sedona, Arizona as an outreach Practitioner in his ministry serving both Namasté and his local community in Sedona as a Lead Chaplain at Unity of Sedona.  Jeff’s spiritual practices include spiritual guidance sessions, Prayer, Wednesday Morning Spiritual Zoom Calls, sound therapy, and crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, and personal healing sessions.  Jeff performs wedding ceremonies and memorials on the land in Sedona.

Valerie Day, RScP

Valerie Day became a practitioner in 2003 at the Agape International Spiritual Center.  In 2006, Spirit guided Valerie to serve the Namasté community, and she said yes!  She has a vibrant energy and love of life that you will experience through her infectious laugh and heartfelt prayers. Valerie is available for spiritual guidance sessions, sacred ritual, house clearing and blessings, visioning sessions, spiritual mind treatment, workshop and sacred circle facilitation, teaching, and speaking engagements.

Chuck Spencer, RScP Emeritus

Prior to becoming a practitioner, Chuck spent many years in the corporate world involved in accounting, systems development, and management. Since being licensed in 1992, he has been actively involved in the World Ministry of Prayer. Initially volunteering his time with the World Ministry of Prayer (MOP), Chuck became a full-time member of the staff in 1998. During his years associated with the North Hollywood Church of Religious Science, Chuck has experienced many miracles in his life, as well as in other’s lives, as a direct result of prayer. He is very happy to be a part of Namasté since September 2004, and loves to serve and support our very special community.

Kandis Stein, RScP

Kandis became a licensed Religious Science Practitioner in 2006.  She began attending Namasté CSL in 1999.  The Principles of Science of Mind and Spirit are culled from the treasure houses of ancient and current belief systems that appeal to Kandis for the universal message of our wholeness.  She has a counseling practice and offers spiritual coaching.

Jesse Keeler, RScP

Jesse Keeler is just a guy exploring his relationship to God and the World. He finds our shared reality a puzzle. Every day reveals to him the depths of his ignorance about the workings of the Universe. The one thing he is certain of is that we are here to care for one another, the Earth, and all the creatures we share the planet with. Jesse’s mission is to be a transformative agent for positive change in the world.  He became a certified CSL Practitioner in the Spring of 2020 and has facilitated the Order of the Sacred Earth OC since 2018.

Jacklyn Williams-Pearson, RScP

Debianne Vokes, RScP

In Loving Memory

Johanne Bourgeois, RScP Emeritus (passed 2020)

Our beloved Johanne was a licensed Religious Science Practitioner since 1986. She had a lifetime’s experience as an Educator, Counselor, and Group Facilitator and kept current a California Teaching Credential. Johanne had a Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology and maintained an active private counseling practice, focused on deep personal growth work. She was a Certified Mediator and most recently had received the Advanced Certification as a Bereavement Facilitator and Counselor from the American Academy of Bereavement. Johanne was devoted to deep spiritual practice and study.

Marty Mooneyham, RScP, (passed 2018)

Practitioners with Rev. Bobbi Becker and Dr. Kristin Hawkins at Namasté’s 20th Anniversary